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Public Member Functions

 State ()

Public Attributes

Pen pen
Brush brush
Color bg_color
RasterOp raster_op
bool clipping
Font font

Detailed Description

Definition at line 240 of file painter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Wt::Painter::State::State (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 242 of file painter.h.

00242                 :
00243                 pen("white"),
00244                 brush("gray80"),
00245                 bg_color("black"),
00246                 raster_op(CopyROP),
00247         clipping(true)  {}

Member Data Documentation

Color Wt::Painter::State::bg_color

Definition at line 251 of file painter.h.

Referenced by Wt::Painter::backgroundColor(), Wt::Painter::drawText(), Wt::Painter::eraseRect(), Wt::Painter::eraseRegion(), and Wt::Painter::setBackgroundColor().

Brush Wt::Painter::State::brush

Definition at line 250 of file painter.h.

Referenced by Wt::Painter::brush(), Wt::Painter::drawPolygon(), Wt::Painter::drawRect(), and Wt::Painter::setBrush().

bool Wt::Painter::State::clipping

Definition at line 253 of file painter.h.

Referenced by Wt::Painter::clipping(), Wt::Painter::drawHorizontalLine(), Wt::Painter::drawLine(), Wt::Painter::drawVerticalLine(), Wt::Painter::isClipped(), and Wt::Painter::setClipping().

Font Wt::Painter::State::font

Definition at line 254 of file painter.h.

Referenced by Wt::Painter::boundingRect(), Wt::Painter::drawText(), Wt::Painter::font(), Wt::Painter::setBackgroundColor(), Wt::Painter::setFont(), and Wt::Painter::setPen().

Pen Wt::Painter::State::pen

Definition at line 249 of file painter.h.

Referenced by Wt::Painter::drawHorizontalLine(), Wt::Painter::drawLine(), Wt::Painter::drawPoint(), Wt::Painter::drawPoints(), Wt::Painter::drawVerticalLine(), Wt::Painter::pen(), and Wt::Painter::setPen().

RasterOp Wt::Painter::State::raster_op

Definition at line 252 of file painter.h.

Referenced by Wt::Painter::rasterOp(), Wt::Painter::rop(), and Wt::Painter::setRasterOp().

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