wvar.h File Reference

#include <boost/lexical_cast.hpp>
#include <wt/wsignal.h>


namespace  Wt


class  Wt::WVarBase< VARTYPE >
 Watched variable avoids the need for get/set methods. More...
class  Wt::WVarBase< VARTYPE >::Blocker
 Marshaler. More...
class  Wt::WVarBase< VARTYPE >::OverideValue
class  Wt::WVarBase< VARTYPE >::Overrider
 Marshaler to override all values but the last. More...
class  Wt::WVarBase< VARTYPE >::RW
class  Wt::WVar< VARTYPE, PARENT >
 read only More...
class  Wt::WVar< VARTYPE, PARENT >::WrappedParent
class  Wt::WVar< VARTYPE, WVarBase< int >::RW >
 read write specialization More...



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