Wt::Dialog Class Reference

#include <dialog.h>

Inherits Wt::Window.

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Public Types

enum  { Accepted, Rejected }

Public Member Functions

 Dialog (Widget *parent=0, const std::string &name="Dialog::anon", int wflags=0)
int result () const
int exec ()

Protected Member Functions

void setResult (int result)
virtual void done (int r)
virtual void accept ()
virtual void reject ()

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Wt::Dialog::Dialog ( Widget parent = 0,
const std::string &  name = "Dialog::anon",
int  wflags = 0 

Member Function Documentation

void Wt::Dialog::accept (  )  [protected, virtual]

void Wt::Dialog::done ( int  r  )  [protected, virtual]

int Wt::Dialog::exec (  ) 

void Wt::Dialog::reject (  )  [protected, virtual]

int Wt::Dialog::result (  )  const

void Wt::Dialog::setResult ( int  result  )  [protected]

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