Wt::Window Class Reference

#include <window.h>

Inherits Wt::Widget.

Inherited by Wt::Dialog, and Wt::RootWindow.

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Public Member Functions

 Window (Widget *parent=0, const std::string &name="Window::anon", int wflags=0)
Rect frameGeometry () const
int x () const
int y () const
Point pos () const
Size frameSize () const
virtual void setTitleFont (const Font &font)
const FonttitleFont () const
virtual void setTitle (const std::string &text)
std::string title () const
void setTitleColor (const Color &color)
const ColortitleColor () const
void setTitleBarColor (const Color &color)
const ColortitleBarColor () const
virtual void setBackgroundColor (const Color &color)
void raise ()
void lower ()
virtual void hide ()
virtual void show ()


class Layout


class  Frame

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Wt::Window::Window ( Widget parent = 0,
const std::string &  name = "Window::anon",
int  wflags = 0 


if parent is NULL then the widget is a system toplevel window

Member Function Documentation

Rect Wt::Window::frameGeometry (  )  const [inline]

query SDL when frame_ == NULL

Size Wt::Window::frameSize (  )  const [inline]

void Wt::Window::hide (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from Wt::Widget.

void Wt::Window::lower (  ) 

Reimplemented from Wt::Widget.

Point Wt::Window::pos (  )  const [inline]

void Wt::Window::raise (  ) 

Reimplemented from Wt::Widget.

void Wt::Window::setBackgroundColor ( const Color color  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from Wt::Widget.

void Wt::Window::setTitle ( const std::string &  text  )  [virtual]

void Wt::Window::setTitleBarColor ( const Color color  ) 

void Wt::Window::setTitleColor ( const Color color  ) 

void Wt::Window::setTitleFont ( const Font font  )  [virtual]

void Wt::Window::show (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from Wt::Widget.

std::string Wt::Window::title (  )  const

const Color & Wt::Window::titleBarColor (  )  const

const Color & Wt::Window::titleColor (  )  const

const Font & Wt::Window::titleFont (  )  const

int Wt::Window::x (  )  const [inline]

int Wt::Window::y (  )  const [inline]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Layout [friend]

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